I have been thinking a lot in regards to the Cassia County School District and the issues that we are facing.  I have tried to keep and open mind pertaining to the bonds and the reasons why they have failed in the past. I know a few of the School Board members personally and think they are wonderful people, just trying to do what they feel is best.  However, I think they have missed the mark time and time again.  I voted no to the school bonds the past few times and I will tell you why I did.  A few bonds back, they promised to fix the heating system at Declo Junior High School.  It never got fixed like it was supposed to.  A few years ago, our students sat in a freezing cold school all day long.  The administrator at the time, walked the school with a temperature gauge and it was in the 60’s.  He thought that it was a reasonable temperature for our kids to stay in school as they sat their bundle up in their coats, on cold chairs,  trying to focus as they were shivering from the cold.  They were without a proper heat source for a few weeks.   What was promised in that first bond, didn’t happen.  The money went to other things.  When the next big bond was passed, Raft River was promised a new school.  Instead, they received a “face Lift”.  However, the Burley community received a brand new Elementary, which today, is only at half capacity.  The community was told that Mountain View had too many issues and they needed a new school. Yet, Mountain View is now being used again.  Time and Time again, the money ended up going towards other things then what was promised.  The Burley Community benefited from it while Oakley, Declo and Raft River would get the left overs.  This last bond, it was stated that it wouldn’t raise our taxes too much.  But when you have a couple of acres, who can afford an extra $1000 a year.  I know I can’t.  When I look at the great community that I live in, I see farmers and ranchers that would have to come up with thousands of dollars in taxes each year to support a bond that would mainly benefit those in town.  Why on earth then would we want to pass another bond if our children wouldn’t benefit from it?  I have a suggestion, for those that live in the farming communities, I would say, take a good look at Murtaugh and Hansen School districts.  They are their own school districts.  Every penny that they are taxed goes into bettering their schools that will benefit their children. It might take a little bit of work to branch out on your own, but the benefits from it might be well worth the effort.  Would you pass a bond knowing that the money that was allotted for your school really went where it was supposed to or do you want to continue to pass bonds in hopes that what we are being told is what will really happen. I have seen time and time again the excuses as to why things didn’t go the way they were supposed to. I’m at tired of the excuses.  We can do better!

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Agrred on one thing, tgat yes we can do better. However, you fail to point out other things that have taken place over the past school year. I wish a couple of people would realize that other things took plsce. Sadly, one family has since been the target of numerous attacks. And, although they hsve bern quiet, tge lies on social media and personal attacks have caused a lot of heartache since losing their jibs. Neither one has been able to find work of any type not even as an aide in our sch. Yet, these people had an excellent reputation in the area because if their involvement in their church, community, and other civic activities. Now, because of vicious gossip, lues, and more, they have been forgotten by all but only to be attacked in emails, text messages and on social media. Sadly, tgey will be locking up their home of 15 years and praying that they find work in another area, actually in a different state. Nobody should have go through this. I pray we as a community will try to end this madness.

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