People should be able to walk, run or bicycle down public roads or sidewalks or even alleyways without having to deal with dogs. 

Policeman Dan has a more nuanced view. In answering a question from a “Utility Worker” (who should have asked his boss for off the record advice) about the use of pepper spray on aggressive dogs and “In a worse - case scenario,”... deadly force.

PD points out that the use of pepper spray is conditional

“... if you are being aggressed” OK.

I think he is really abusing his “voice of authority “ role (and possibly disappointing his English teachers) when he writes, “Just spraying a dog because it’s there and barking or growling at you might not be a sign that it’s going to attack - it could just be the dog telling you to stay out of his yard...”

I’m not in the business of giving sarcastic, bad advice but you can find out if a growling dog is aggressive by turning your back or running from her.

Don’t do that, while my off the record advice* is much more effective and includes a mentally prepared reaction to the dog’s owner for “letting”, “sending” or watching their dogs attack you,

You can avoid most attacks. Still it galls me that the necessary “don’t show fear”, “or make any sudden moves”, “back slowly away without losing eye contact”, are the socially expected “right way”. (I would wear stiff rubber irrigation boots and carry a shovel when I went on a certain woman’s property)

The deadly force part. Yes it is legal to shoot and kill a dog . I don’t even want to be on the list of people who have a motive. There are people who would make me feel like my life was in danger if I accidentally ran over their dog. It is not a position I would want to be in.

PD, has his last couple points out of order, he tries to raise the bar on “self-defense” but first he tells us that we “could be charged with discharging a firearm in city limits.”

I am not a cop, or a lawyer, why can you shoot a person in self defense with no legal consequences, but face charges if you shoot a dog?

And the self defense thing, why are you giving dogs equal status with people?

...” if you had an avenue of escape and did not use it then that could wipe away any self - defense arguments...”

I can deal with dogs, I don’t expect to be calling 911 from the roof of a car or clinging from a tree.

The law, the courts and public perception are 3 different things. I don’t believe that the laws are as clear as PD suggests or that the courts” preponderance of evidence “ or” Reasonable Man “standards could or should be trumped by the” perfect world “ concept, “ Avenue of escape “ coulda, shoulda, woulda , second guessing.

Perception and the fact you repeatedly find yourself in the minority that disagrees with what you are supposed to think should scare you.

We are being manipulated.

Should we to expect people to psychoanalyze or Vulcan mind probe every dog or stop and submit to a sniff test?

Less than a hundred years ago people were dependent on horses for transportation. Clear into the 1940’s they kept cows for milk and meat. Having a garden and chickens, pigs, ducks, rabbits and goats was part of life. There were more animals than people even in the city. It made perfect sense for everyone to pay for animal control. After most people stopped trying to raise their own food, it made sense to pay a dog catcher.

Nowadays animal rights groups are changing the rules. Rich communities, like those in Sun Valley are running shelters with “no-kill” policies and regular veterinarian care. The year round outdoor ice-skating rink, that is next to the year round indoor ice hockey rink are a good example of the fact that things are different in Planet Sun Valley.

Things just happen to evolve in a way that has everyone paying for irresponsible dog ownership.

It is time to make a stand, if you want a no-kill animal shelter, you pay for it.

I can’t afford a dog, I don’t have time to do right by it,

*admitting nothing, I would tell the neighborhood kids that if a dog came at them, to bend down and pretend to pick up a rock, even if they were in the middle of a paved road.

A loud NO, while pointing at a dog has close to 100% success rate with dogs owned by cowboys.

Hunter’s dogs get nervous when they think a gun is pointed at them...

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