I am not sure many are aware of how our school district is being run.  As a non-native to this community, I am continually shocked and surprised at what goes on in the Minidoka County Schools, my place of employment. 

Let me explain myself.  Over the last several years I have been employed at the school district I have seen several administrative jobs that are simply handed over to certain individuals.  Let me tell you what that looks like as an employee.  We get an email from the Superintendent announcing that the Board will be approving Jane Doe 1 to be the principal school one, , Jane Doe 2 has been appointed to be the principal at school two, Jane Doe 3 will be given an Administrative position in the District and another stating that Jane Doe 4 will be given another position in the district

I don’t have a legal background but I have read through the school policies over and over again.  Nowhere in the school policy do I see that the Superintendent has the right to just appoint people to positions as he sees fit.  I do however see policies regarding vacancies and the procedure of having to list the job internally for a minimum of 4 days to allow other individuals to apply for that position.  How do we just let this continue to keep happening? When I voice my opinion to other employees they tell me, “The superintendent has the right to just move employees around as he sees fit.”  Um….I beg to differ on that one. 

Think about your employment of business.  If your boss created a management position and put your co-worker into that position without even mentioning the job to you or letting you apply for the position, what would be your first thought? What if there is a position that opens and you assume that you will then be put into that position like your other co-workers have only to find out that this position will be listed and YOU have to apply for that position and compete with other candidates for the job? Wait…..but my other co-workers didn’t have to do that?  What relationship is going on with those co-workers and the boss that they were simply handed that position without having to even apply???

I am in the process of seeing how legal these hiring practices are.  Legal or not, this is definitely not best practice.  This certainly looks very shady and gives people reason to talk about why some are handed administrative jobs and why others have to apply and compete for them. 

P.S. For the record, as an employee of the District I will adamantly oppose any bond Dr. Cox is wanting to pass. Seeing the decisions he makes on a daily basis there is no way I would trust him with ANY of my tax dollars. 

Editor’s Note: Parts of the above Sound Off were redacted due to unsuitable content

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Another frustrated person

I don't think they need more money either. And my other pet-peeve is, those of us that do not have children, never had children going to school, or have any use for the schools, SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY SCHOOL TAXES. Thats a waste of my money and others that don't have kids.

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