Letter to the News Journal

I had the opportunity to attend the Celebration of Faith in Christ Through Music at the King Fine Arts Center on Sunday April 28th and was thoroughly delighted with the musical program performed by Churches in our area.  This was a community event organized because we have so much musical talent in our churches and delight in expressing our faith through music.

I was very moved and delighted with the program that included choirs, bands, soloists etc.  All of the seats were full and everything was organized very well.  I appreciated the prayers that were offered in the program and the Master of Ceremonies who guided us through the program very expertly.

I just want to thank all those who worked behind the scenes to organize and put together this opportunity for the community to enjoy.  Families came to hear beautiful words of the Savior through lovely music.  In the end all the audience arose and sang together a hymn well known to us all about Christ that bonded us together in our faith.  I can’t wait for next year.

                                                            Carolyn Whitney

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