Dear Frustrated Taxpayer,

In regards to your complaint about the City of Rupert. Downtowns in many American communities have experienced more than fifty years of neglect, abuse, and abandonment. There are many reasons that have contributed to this indifference toward our central cities. Fortunately, over the past few decades this trend has slowly begun to shift.

A city’s downtown area has an important and unique role in economic and social development. Downtowns create a critical mass of activities where commercial, cultural, and civic activities are concentrated. This concentration facilitates business, learning, and cultural exchange. Downtowns are iconic and powerful symbols for a city and often contain the most iconic landmarks, distinctive features, and unique neighborhoods.

The Rupert Square tells about its rich history and it is deeply cherished in the community. It is the focal point of not only the city, but I would opt to say the entire Mini-Cassia area. The Square hosts many popular events throughout the year and because of the wear and tear of time…. the most responsible thing to do was renovate.

The renovation of the Rupert Square came in two different phases. We saw the first stage focusing inward and now we are on to phase two focusing more outward. Did you know that the sidewalks actually outdated the previous fountain? When accomplishing a massive renovation to something so iconic it has to go beyond replacing a fountain or adding a new feature. It needs special attention from top to bottom or in this case from corner to corner!

As a Rupert citizen I see great importance for all of the work going into the Square. I value the city administration’s transparency regarding how it is getting paid (bonds, grants and donations) and more importantly I appreciate their enthusiasm to preserve history. Once completed, The Rupert Square will be a great entrance into the city that will accurately represent its image and character to the rest of the world!

I look forward to seeing the City of Rupert flourish and I currently enjoy watching it progress!

-Esther Garner

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