This letter is in response to the letter to the editor from Adrian Arp, Ph.D., on November 17th, 2020.

Saul Alinsky referred to the first "radical" Lucifer in the first few pages of “Rules for Radicals”. The implication and intent, in my opinion, is that Alinsky sees himself as a non-conformist. The dedication is actually to his wife Irene. Alinsky did center his writings on social organization techniques, not communistic socialism like is seen in the "Venezuela" you reference. It is notable that another organization that used Alinsky's ideas effectively was the far-right conservative Tea Party movement, and recently, some of the methods used by the Donald Trump campaign. Does that mean that they are socialists as well? (...and, yes, we studied Alinsky in detail in my sociology classes in college...)

Mr. Arp, if you need to lie about something so simple as a "dedication" in something someone else wrote a long time ago to make a point in something you write, it invalidates your entire document. I would assume that someone tying their Doctorate moniker to a document would at least try to factual in that document.

I will point out that "The Big Lie" is a technique that was used effectively in the rise of The Nazis in 1930s Germany. Does it mean that you are a Nazi because you used one of their techniques? No, it doesn't, not based on that one metric anyway.

You state, "... other millions hate Trump...", at one point in your tirade. Why? How did you ascertain that information? As a psychologist, you do realize that "knowing" what others think is one of the indicators of serious mental illness, don't you? Maybe not. I'm not an "expert" like you having only minored in psychology in college, but I do know how to read a DSM. So tell us...were you just lying about that too, or do you have other problems you are not willing to share? It's ok, you don't need to answer that. I don't think you are mentally ill. I think you just lied about it, because I didn't vote for Trump and ... sorry ... I don't hate America. I think that eighty million Americans voted for the other guy because ... if nothing else ... they were tired of the weirdness and criminality surrounding Donald Trump.

Respectfully submitted,

Nite Ranger

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Here here, night Ranger! Is Adrian ARP a real psychologist? I have my doubts.


Why do you delete my comments? Even my nice ones!

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