Dear Editor and anonymous writer of the letter in the July 22, 2014 Weekly Mailer regarding “Sabbath.”

I am proud to live in a country where we have religious freedom. Each citizen can choose how to believe based on that individuals understanding of the Bible or of other religious books. I respect each person’s right to believe and practice that belief as he or she sees fit.

Regarding the “Sabbath” I have some questions for that writer (and any other person who wishes to consider). The Spanish word for Saturday is Sabado. The French word for Saturday is Sabatica. The Hebrew word for Saturday is Shabbat. I don’t know the specific word in other languages, but many languages have a form of the word “Sabbath” for the day we know as Saturday, the seventh day of the week.

In the beginning God rested on the seventh day and blessed and sanctified it. (Genesis 2:2 & 3) Some call the seventh day the “Jewish Sabbath” but God blessed that day long before there was a Jew. In Exodus 20 we have the Ten Commandments as written by God’s own finger. Verses 8 through 11 give the commandment for the Sabbath and specify it is the seventh day. Christians honor the other 9 commandments but not this one that God says we should “remember.”

I grew up in a Sunday keeping church. When I read the fourth commandment I didn’t understand why we went to church on Sunday instead of Saturday which by the calendar was definitely the seventh day. I questioned this inwardly for many years. (I wasn’t a child who challenged my elders.) Finally one day I asked a Sunday preacher why we went to church on Sunday and his answer was, “Because another church changed it.” In other words, you cannot find the change mentioned in the Bible, because it isn’t there.

As I stated earlier, I respect each person’s right to choose how they want to believe and to practice that belief. It is only fair that others do the same. Yes, I choose to worship and honor the seventh day Sabbath – because Jesus did. May His spirit guide each of us to worship Him is spirit and in truth.

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Just to clarify. We do not worship the Sabbath, we worship on the Sabbath. And the real meaning of "honoring the day" is that we are honoring the Lord of that day. Also, we worship God the first six days of the week, too, but the only way to worship God on the seventh day is to rest in obedience to His fourth Commandment. So as Christians we must ask ourselves: Do we worship God only six days a week, or all seven?


As Senator Moynihan once succinctly stated, "Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but you are not to your own indisputable facts!

There is no basis in Scripture for Sun-day worship.

If we are going to believe in God and trust in Him, it must be all the way! It cannot be smorgasbord religion! Picking and choosing which doctrines you like and want to follow is not Christian.

Jesus must be Lord and Savior. As Lord He gives His Commandments. Notice that they are not the 10 Suggestions, they are The Ten Commandments!

You can choose not to follow them and many do. No one wants to take away your power of choice. God will not force you to do His Will. He says, "If you love Me, keep My Commandments." John 14:15

We need not jump through hoops to evade His Commandments. Jesus said If anyone would do God's Will, he will know of the doctrine whether it be God's or man's. John 7:17

No man is given permission to be an editor of God's Word, the Bible!

Be honest, with integrity, and follow what God says.

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