If you love humming birds and would like to entice them into your yard, add Lobelias to your list of late summer plants. Hummers like the plant excessively, whether we are talking about annuals or perennials. Since hummers have a fondness for the color of red, one would think Lobelia would r…

I decided to not talk about the rules of taking flowers to county fairs. I have talked about it in the past and I didn’t want to be redundant. But after going through entries and judging recently, I have some thoughts about entries and how to get the most out of your fair experience.

Water is liquid gold in the garden. In the west, water seasons can be plentiful or skimpy, depending on the year. Our weather patterns have changed over the last few years; instead of getting our precipitation as snow in the winter months, the wet weather has moved into our spring and early summer.

Trees are part of the landscape that should be planned and placed early. A balled tree four to five feet tall can be quite heavy to move into place. If your fences are already up, you may not be able to move the specimen into place without undoing the fence. The larger the equipment that is …

Tired of winter? If you aren’t tired of winter it is probably because you haven’t been wintering in Idaho.

Using annuals as ground covers can provide a lot of color, texture and pizzazz for your garden. And sometimes if you are lucky, the plants reseed themselves and come back for years.

Earlier in the season we discussed weeds and how they hang around just waiting for a disturbed piece of ground so that they can go nuts and fill up the open space. So how about the gardener filling up the space with a number of plants instead?

As the last of the summer vacations are running out, children are counting the days until the return to school and gardeners are recouping their strength from fair going, its time to just sit for a minute and think about the gardening process and some rules to live by-- or not.

The heat in the garden in the late summer can make the most robust perennial look puny and decidedly sad.

Big flowers impact the garden like a smack in the eye. Their shear size draw the eye, whether we are dealing with flowers or foliage. Different sizes of flowers and foliage make ideal contrasts with smaller and dainty flowers.

August reminds us of a blazing sun. So it is only appropriate to think of all the yellow pinwheel shaped flowers that grace the garden and worship the sun at this time of the year.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “A weed is a plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.”

County fairs are just around the corner. The fun of a local fair is the local produce, flowers, the neighborhood kids showing animals, entertainment and the food, of course!

It’s a scorcher and it is hard to keep plants going when it is so hot, especially when county fairs are only one short month away.

Silver plants in the garden are worth a mint to my mind. Their colors tend to blend in with whatever else is growing or blooming during the summer. And surprisingly, silver plants tend to like xeric types of landscape.

Spire producing plants give a vertical line to a garden, especially when there are so many other plants that are rounded or horizontally oriented. Sometimes we accidentally acquire these verticals or go on our own private safari hunts.

Different colors, shapes and textures are what make the garden interesting. Spires offer the benefits of drawing the eye upwards in the garden, much like the steeple on a church.

Achillea, commonly known as yarrow, is one of those plants that the gardener either loves or hates.

The shrubs we have been talking about are not the only shrubs you’ll find. New ones seem to make the market each year. Just be sure you check them out for hardiness before purchasing.

Shrubs help to round out the growth in flower beds by adding a background for other flowering growth or by being spectacular enough to make a spot of recognition for themselves.

In today’s column you’ll find reference to shrubs that bloom from late spring into mid summer. Just remember that we are looking for nice foliage, blossoms and berries or unusual late season ornamentation, like bark.

Most dedicated gardeners plan their flower gardens for color in beds and borders during the whole growing season. Maintaining color depends on more than just perennials and annuals.

Having color fill your flower beds and borders for the growing season is easier said than done. To truly make the concept work requires including bulbs, perennials, annuals and shrubs.

Gardening produces problems we must solve if our efforts are going to look like a vision. Probably the most difficult one is dry shade.

Spring is sprouting, slow though it may be. Today I want to talk about flowers in your yard that are edible. If you plan on eating some of your flowers, you need to know early in the season so that you use organic methods of insect control.

Some gardeners have a real knack for planting their gardens and getting everything they want out of the colors they choose. For others, it is a chore that intimidates them each year when it comes time to set new plants out and transplant old favorites.

Don’t you just love spring in the Rocky Mountains? A day may begin with snizzle, a blend of snow and drizzle, and end with the sun shining and temperatures climbing back to 60º F. It is enough to make your bones ache and frustrate the accomplishment of all those gardening chores crying to be…

There are some chores that work best when done in the spring before trees and shrubs leaf out.

In an age when everyone is plugged in – phones, internet or whatever, it is easy to surf the web looking for new ideas.

The one thing that can be said about weeds is that they are opportunists of the worst sort. Disturb the soil and the first thing that makes an appearance is a weed. And while you are looking for the first spring blossoms, you’ll also see the first crop of weeds. In fact, it is probably too l…

Even if the weather is still throwing a squalling fit every now and then it wouldn’t be spring time in the Rockies otherwise. It is also the season of clean up.

Having a perfectly manicured lawn can be time and labor intensive. When I designed my yard I was in my late 20s and I had both ambition and time to deal with huge expanses of grass.

While we have been planning our gardens, looking for bargains at gardening centers, looking at bulbs and just generally tidying up the rampant growth of summer, have you stopped to think about fragrances and their impact?

Timeliness of transplanting can keep your garden tidy and keep you from facing a complete garden makeover.

Butterflies and hummingbirds add motion as well as their distinctive coloring combinations to the garden. With butterflies, it is like a pocket of gaily-colored hankies adrift on a lazy summer breeze.

Acronyms are words that are comprised from the first letter or two of a number of words that make another word, such as radar, which stands for radio detecting and ranging.

When you go shopping for plants be sure you know what your are looking for. Take a good garden book and leave it in the car for a quick look if you have questions about hardiness. If you are into the new tech applications, use your cell phone to look up the information in the store, while yo…

Getting ready to garden is more than just purchasing a few seed packets and finding your old sweatshirt.

Lemon, like last week’s mint, is found in everything from the tea we drink to the furniture polish we use.

Mint! Where would we be without it and its many varieties? Mint permeates everything from the gum we chew, to the toothpaste we use.