A New High School

As we began discussing facility options last year one question that came up repeatedly was, “Why not build a new high school?” As we gathered information to answer this question, we spoke with our architects, LKV of Boise. They shared with us the design that they had put together for the new high school that is being finished in Lewiston Idaho.

This new building’s total size, including their Career & Technical Education (CTE) building, is 248,000 square feet, which is almost identical to Minico’s total (249,500 s.f.) which includes our main building, the English building, the multipurpose gym/wrestling room and our CTE buildings. The only problem is, this new high school comes with a $70 million price tag!

The Minidoka County School District’s current bonding capacity, the total amount of bonds that we could ask patrons based on our property assessments, is $78 million. Last week I pointed out that we still owe $13.6 M on our current bonds.

In order to meet the current and future facility needs of the District we have chosen to take a long range, two phase approach:

Phase One: A $21 M bond to address security needs, HVAC upgrades and 20 additional classrooms now or as soon as they can be built.

Phase Two would be possible in 2026 when our current bonds are paid off. The exact projects have yet to be determined but some ideas that have been suggested are:

•Remodel Minico to add classrooms so we can remove the English building,

•Expansion of the (new) Ag building and other CTE programs at Minico

•New elementary school

The reason we are talking about Phase Two now is because another bond at that time, with NO ADDITIONAL INCREASE IN TAXES, we would be able to obtain an additional $40 M to address these or other Phase Two projects as needed. We are planning for the future now, not waiting for classroom overcrowding to reach critical levels that could impact student learning.

For more information, answers to your questions, or a summary of this information please check out or 2019 Bond Information website at minidokaschools.org/domain/5194 or contact me at kcox@minidokaschools.org or 208-436-4727.

Next week – Supplemental Levy vs. General Obligation Bond

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