It's been 7-8 months since our last stimulus check. Unless you are unemployed. But the millions of senior citizens, disabled, families haven't gotten anything. Other countries like Canada and Australia have been taking of their people during the pandemic. Or they started shortly afterwards. Our stimulus payment checks must also be retroactive as well!!! Not a onetime payment of 1,200!!

Meanwhile in our nation our nation's leaders continue to squabble like preschoolers over $1, 200. Somehow I doubt that they think a person can off 1,200(which little more than Social Security check) Why don't they try to live off it!!?? Also, no cheating. They can't use their rich family or friends, All of their assets are frozen. If they want food, go to the local food bank.

At our government's current rate expect more people to get the virus, become homeless and unemployed. But it doesn't matter to them we're just pawns in their games

Unhappy citizen

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