As a member of the Minidoka Schools Community, I am quite bothered in the way a number of people, “patrons” as we are known as, but I prefer to say that I am also a voter, home owner and tax payer as well and how we have been labeled by various school district employees,some who are administrators and others who hold other positions in the district, including our current school board.

I first would like to say that I am sick and tired of these so called educated folks calling us names such as “troublemakers, agitators, liars, rabble-rouser, and so on” Then there are those who have been labeled because of their one time affiliation with the local union, who served in a leadership position several years ago.

I would like offer a bit of history on these folks. There were four excellent leaders of the MCEA, one did not run again, due to her accepting an administrative position (and did an excellent job in that job as well as when she was a teacher), two did not run again as they retired, and the fourth was voted out by the group who are the true rabble-rousers of what you now see in the union.

All of them had an excellent rapport with the district, school board and in the community. However, things did change after the final one was voted out of office by this group (some now are gone, retired and so-on, but the region office is a part of the problem as well). You see, I remember how and when  this occurred and yet people seem to forget. Then when our Superintendent left us to accept a Superintendent position in a different state, a interim one was placed for one year (the hopes that she would be hired). That is when more problems increased. But I have swayed from my point in  this. You see, Dr. Cox, during the search, it had been narrowed down to the final 3, you, the Interim Superintendent and another district administrator. Committees were formed, three to be exact. One of parents and community, staff and then of course the school board (by the way these people are now all gone). After interviewing all of you, each group seemed to have a preference in who they wanted, but if you check school board minutes, and how you were selected (as one board member spoke out in a meeting, and then resigned), you were the one offered the job. 

Now, this matter of name calling by district personnel, primarily a handful needs to stop. It needs to change, because as long as this continues, we the community will not want to approve any bond you may want to run by us the voters. I read not long ago of an employee who fell outside of a facility where we have a school/class held, yet nobody from the district has done a thing about this And then in the community there is a lot of what I called “black-balling” of certain folks. For the record, as I said, check district history. that person, had an excellent rapport with the then school board and community for the willingness to resolve issues as a leader. Not the as this group claims this person is. 

I hope that one day soon, things will change. 


Carol Quintana

Rupert, ID

(Oh before I forget, I not only had children in the schools in our district at one time, I have a couple of grandchildren attending and I too was a past employee (different last name as I have since remarried).

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