On May 15, 2020, our beloved Angel, husband, father, and grandfather, Dale W Rasmussen was called Home.

There are so many wonderful people who were instrumental in giving compassionate and loving care in his last days.

It would be very difficult to name everyone but we would like to especially name several who were there when needed and who gave such tender care.  Our hearts are so grateful to Richard, Victor, and Robert who were willing to drop everything to be there to administer to him prior to his having to enter the hospital.  We are grateful to Dr. Steel, Katie and the staff at Minidoka Medical Center, several doctors, nurses, and staff who cared for him at Fresenius Kidney Center in Twin Falls and who trained us to do his dialysis here at home for eleven months.  Thank you so much for that training!  Thanks also go to St. Luke's Hospital in Twin Falls, Minidoka Home Health and Hospice with Joye, Suzanne, Michael Berg, and all who gave such gentle care and counsel in his last hours.  We give great thanks to Bishop Jeffery Faux and his sweet wife, Kris, of the Rupert 4th Ward, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints, our precious family, and the many dear friends who have expressed words of love and sympathy in cards,in person and sharing.  Many thanks go to Jeff Rasmussen and all at the Rasmussen-Wilson Funeral Home for their compassion and help in this difficult time.

We really do appreciate it immensely! With love and thanks to you all.

Karen H. Rasmussen and Family:

Thomas Rasmussen, Karla R. Hecker, Eric Perkins, Jean Perkins, Gayle Crane, Cathy Smith, Keith Perkins and Families.

Dale and Karen H. Rasmussen

'Families CAN Be Together Forever'

Great Wisdom: "When you're down, look up!! Take focus and keep your eyes on the Lord!"

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