Chloe is my six year old granddaughter.  With her parents and three older sisters, they were at BearLake playing on the water in my boat.  They thought it would be fun to body surf hanging on the back of the boat with her mother, Emily.  One of the older girls was video taping the fun.  Suddenly Chloe had a seizure, passed out, started foaming at the mouth and turning blue.  Quickly getting her out of the water, her parents recognized the importance of getting her to the nearest emergency room.  They immediately headed to the Logan Hospital Emergency room.  In Logan, the ER doctors examined Chloe, and looked at the video, they knew it was carbon monoxide poisoning.  She was put on oxygen, and then placed in a hyperbaric chamber.  The next day she had two more treatments in the hyperbaric chamber.  She has recovered and is doing fine.  I have since learned there is an add on attachment for the exhaust pipes that will channel the fumes to come out farther back in the boat’s wake.  My hope is that by telling of this experience, those who boat will take a look at this and hopefully avoid our experience, which could have turned out very badly.

Ken Turner

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