On Sept.13th, We had the honor to cook for the Flag Education Day for the entire 5th grade classes in the Minidoka County Schools, what a day it was The busses arrived @ 9 a.m. As I watched the children unload from the busses, (I thought here we go!!)Mass confusion  here we come!!, boy was I wrong!! Every child was respectful & eager to learn. My hats off to the teachers (whom do not get enough credit) for a job well done, it shows that all your hard work paid off!! As they went to & from 8 different stations to learn about the flag & what it represents to the retirement of a flag, you could see the wonder & awe in young eyes. It is so important to teach our youth about the flag & what it means. I personally want to thank each & every Teacher you all do an amazing job with your students.

Want to also take a moment to thank all those who helped organize & put this together, David Fairchild, , Lori Wilson, the Combat Veteran’s Motor Cycle assoc.13-5, Kelly Anthon, Zeb Bell, Lt Governor Janice McGreachen, Ken Mort, Dennis & Melanie Arrington, Pastor Dan Hendircks, And The Student Council members that helped with all those 5th graders, Addie, Luke & Brian who helped out in the cook shack., Leslie Garner, Mayor Mike Brown,  Dan Eppers,  Anna Workman,  The Rupert Elks, Connections Credit Union, Hopefully I haven’t forgotten to put  any one in here, (If I have so sorry.) We couldn’t have done this event with out everyone working together to make it happen. Looking forward to next year!!!!!!

We also had the Patriotic Show & Shine the following day The 14th, What a show it was. Lots of cars & good food & Vendors with wears to sell!! Awesome tribute to our Veterans. It takes a whole community to support an event & make it work. Thanks to all.

Last but not least to our sponsors: Priorty  Vehicle Solutions, Doc’s Pizza, Minidoka Sherriff” Dept. Rupert Police Dept. Minidoka Memorial Hospital, Grease Monkey, Let’s Ride, Erickson Stone, Ramsey Heating & Electric, Mountain Transmission, Wayside Café, Hansen Mortuary, Clint Edwards, Rocky Mountain Real Estate Brokerage, Hansen Chiropratic, Randy & Kathy Thompson,  Sunset Farms, High Desert Racers Association, Senator Kelly Anthon, Fred Woods, Scott Bedke, Connections Credit Union, Brewster Cheese, Highmark Ag, LLC, Rupert Veterans Memorial, Combat Veterans Motorcycle Assocation 13-5, Brothers In Christ, First Federal Bank, D.L. Evans Bank, Dickson Oil, Stotz Equipment, Burley Inn, City Of Rupert, PCA, Ridley’s Family Markert (Rupert store). Katt Country, Jason & Cathrine Stevenson, Travis Schultz

Again Thank you to all who made both events Happen,

 Rupert Veterans Memorial Inc.

George Maas 

Dona Maas

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This was a wonderful event that took place.


Thank you everyone. What an amazing day it was.

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