With all that has been taking place within our world and more so in country and state, and yes even within our own area that we live in. It has many worried for the way things are going. I am not going to say I agree with nor disagree with what has taken place, this past week. I just know that it is time for us as a country to unite and stop fighting each other. We need to come together and work things out. 

I have been reading about things that are going on with jobs/employment situations. We still have one big problem that exists and that is the unfair labeling of people, blacklisting or blackballing of people because of someone not liking a person or persons. People not qualifying for unemployment or other benefits that they should be able to qualify for, or who truly want to work, even if it is part-time. I recently heard a voice message that was left for a person and could not believe what was said. And yet we are expected to trust these folks who are in positions that they hold. 

Then we have people in powerful positions who spread gossip and untruths to others about others. Wake up people!!! If you didn't hear it directly from those you claim are making these rumors or whatever you wish to call it, stop and end this crud, because you are just as guilty as those who are making these false claims. 

And sadly some of these are coming directly from the mouths of those who are part of certain groups/organizations spreading these falsehoods.  

So much needs to change in our area. 

We live in a great community/area, but we need to end this madness and unify. People are being hurt and sadly our young people are learning the wrong thing from us adults. 

It is time to unify people and bring an end to this craziness that is going on. 

I am certain that I will be hearing some static about this but I am ok with it. I just feel we need to bring back our greatness and wonderful community together again.

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