I think we can all agree that what happened to George Floyd should never have happened.  He didn’t deserve to die.  Obviously he did something to make the police arrest him.  So why do Black individuals resist arrest, start running, speed off, or reach for something in their pocket?  I wonder how many of them would be alive today if they had just done what the police officer asked them to do.

  Police officers have one of the most dangerous jobs there is.  They put their lives at risk to protect the rest of us.  I can certainly understand how they can reach their breaking point dealing with criminals.

  Yes, some police officers may be racists, but let’s not condemn the rest of them because of a few.  Most cops are good.

  To riot, destroy property, loot, etc. is not the answer.  It just shows ignorance.  Call or write your Police Chief, your Senator, the mayor, or the governor.  If everyone did that, I would hope that they would get the message.  Many police men and women die in the line of duty.  Police training needs to be changed, so let’s start with that and give law enforcement a break.

Rupert Resident

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