We are writing in regards to the many letters and comments appearing here for a while now over the schools in our area. These letters come from educated people who are acting like children.

Sadly, these keep going on and on and on, and we are tired! They appear to be from parents, community folk, teachers, aides, administrators (all levels) and board members. Even the union has played parting this.

There has been name calling such as ‘troublemakers’, ‘liars’, and even worse. Rumors and gossip have spread rapidly like a virus. And it isn’t just from one district either –it is coming from a couple of districts and it is disgusting to see.

Here is an idea. Why don’t you all try to meet and talk about what is going on? Resolve it all. You see a lot of this mess appears to be from 4 to 5 years ago. A time when many were not around or involved.

Isn’t this what we are teaching our children in schools?

It is time for this to end. Resolve everything by sitting down and talking. Stop the backbiting and grow up. And act like adults.


Cody and Mary Gorrell

Editor’s note: We agree with your thoughts – which is why we are no longer accepting unsigned letters regarding Cassia Schools. It was well beyond civil and rather than heal the community the letters further divided it.

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