Greetings Patriotic American: The following is a true American experience when guns were confiscated. 

In late 1838, a group of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) were being persecuted in Missouri under an “extermination order” issued by Missouri Governor Lilburn W. Boggs. A Mormon militia which had been formed in Caldwell County, Missouri was led by Lt. Colonel George M. Hinkle. He would later betray his followers into the hands of government forces commanded by Major General Samuel D. Lucas. On October 31, 1838, Hinkle met with General Lucas and agreed, among other things, “to give up the arms of every description...” The next day Latter-Day Saint leader Joseph Smith recorded in his journal the following.

    “This morning General Lucas ordered the Caldwell militia to give up their arms. Hinkle, having made a treaty with the mob on his own responsibility, to carry out his treachery, marched the (Mormon) troops out of the city, and the brethren gave up their arms, their own property, which no government on earth had as right to require.

    The mob (called Governor’s troops) then marched into town, and under pretense of searching for arms, tore up floors, upset haystacks, plundered the most valuable effects they could lay their hands on, wantonly wasted and destroyed a great amount of property, compelled the brethren at the point of the bayonet to sign deeds of trust to pay the expenses of the mob, even while the place was desecrated by the chastity of women being violated. About eighty men were taken prisoners, the remainder were ordered to leave the state, and were forbidden, under threat of being shot by the mob, to assemble no more than three in place.”  Reference: History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as written in Chapter 11 of volume three of the seven volume set.  This article was written by Robert W. Lee and was published in The New American Magazine February 21, 1994.

    The above true incident shows what will happen if we allow government imposed gun confiscation gun control under any pretense. If guns are outlawed, only outlaws in and out of government will have guns. The result will be tyranny with the loss of liberty and freedom.  A concerned citizen, Adrian Arp, Ph.D.

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