With all the criticism in regards to the Minidoka School District, I decided as a parent, to ask questions.  In other words, I went straight to the sources of all these allegations.  With what I have learned, I would like to respond to all the negativism that is being said about Minidoka County School District.  As one person stated regarding the amount of administrators at District, were you aware that most of our new teachers are not certified and must go through the ABCTE program which offers no training.  We have one administrator that mentors ALL new teachers in order to help them work on organization and classroom management, curriculum, and the fundamentals of education.  This administrator is over secondary principals, implements the RTI program and has many other duties in the District.  The other administrator works with the technology and technology integration in classrooms and implements and provides training for new curriculum, facilitates the technology department, organizes Professional Development and many other duties also.  So – please tell me concerned parent, which of these tremendous responsibilities would you like teachers to take on?

Also in response the accusations of friends, favorites and other incorrect terms used when selecting principals.  May I ask how you know they are friends?  Have you truly asked and expressed concerns to Dr. Cox?  From what I have learned he is not from this area, so the friends and favorites perplexes me.  Is it perhaps he has more information when he has contacted references and may know more about the candidates than the other interviewers?  I have had the opportunity to speak with him a few times with questions on the bond, and I have found him to be pleasant and I feel he truly cares about what is best for my children.  Have any of those with the harsh words actually made an effort to know him?

I think enough is enough.  If staff members are this unhappy with the District, I truly believe their attitude and behavior carries over to the classroom.  If parents believe everything they are told without finding the truth themselves, their children will not look forward to going to school because of what is being said.  It’s time we stop this – there is enough of this negative attitude in our world.  I feel it is time we bond as parents, patrons and staff.  I want my children to be positive, to love school and continually look for the good that happens in life.

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