Letter to the Sound Off Heyburn Citizens ~ Unlike Mr. Rosa, who wants to be the Mayor of Heyburn again, after being recalled because of his embarrassing nature, we went to the City Administration and asked several tough questions about the accusation Mr. Rosa is using in his campaign literature. The first one was about his accusation that Heyburn is going to be “Burley’s toilet!” It seems he is referring to the digestures along Highway 30 that have been dormant, unfisinshed, and an eyesore for decades. The current administration certainly didn’t put them there, but they have been working hard to find someone who will be able to actually use them. Burley did approach the City of Heyburn about using them for their intended purpose as digestures for industrial waste – the same thing that has been proposed several times in the past by industry and what they were originally intended for. The proposal didn’t go forward and currently there are no plans for Burley or anyone else to put them into service. Seems Mr. Rosa’s accusations don’t hold much water and in fact has probably damaged relations with our neighboring city – exhibiting poor mayoral skills and public relations. We asked about the City Administrator being able to run the city and this is what we were told. The City Administrator works directly under the Mayor and City Council. He has no authority to do anything he has not been given direction to do by them. He has been hired to be a full-time presence to a part time Mayor and City Council. Heyburn’s City Administrator has no more authority than say Burley’s or Rupert’s. In addition the Heyburn City Administrator was brought into the city to implement a building department. After serving as the building official for Minidoka County and all of the city’s in Minidoka for several years he was well qualified to do this, and Heyburn gets an extra bang for its buck. The other administrators are not certified or qualified to do this, so – it’s a smart move on Heyburn’s part. Again Mr. Rosa is stretching the truth. Mr. Rosa was right about one thing though. Concerning the wastewater treatment plant upgrades Mr. Rosa said “they had to spend at 5.5 million, but they asked the judge to spend 12.4 million”. Well yes, the estimates were 12.4 million and the projects they have done, have actually cost about 9 million but they have found over 3 million in grants and 1 million in debt restructuring. We would say the current administration has done an excellent job of minding our money and making every penny count. We also inquired if the upgrades were needed and was told/shown that the EPA was going to sue the city and fine them approximately $55,000 A DAY if the necessary fixes required by the EPA were not done. Seems responsible to me that they did get the fixes done and for half the price. We will not bore anyone with more of what we found other than that the people we talked to at the city were courteous, transparent, and very informative. It seems the one stretching or bending the truth has been Mr. Rosa. His vision for the city of Heyburn had nothing positive, substantive, or progressive. He says nothing about how he will help our kids, nothing about our parks, recreation, opportunity’s, growth, etc. For a city that is experiencing growth pains we would vote for candidate that wants to go forward and not relitigate petty grievances from the past.

Our vote is for Dick Galbraith, Mayor – City of Heyburn.

Heyburn Residents,

Heather Petersen

Amy Despain

Cleo Gallegos & Gail Gallegos

Glen Loveland

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