Dear Community,

“Change for the Now and Future”

I have a goal in life to break cycles of abuse and hatred. Considering I and many others reading this have been involved in these cycles. These cycles can only be broken by us. My experiences and what I see has given me plenty of motivation to be the change needed to start breaking them, for myself, children, and all future generations. Awareness is so important, a couple things I recently learned is how the emotions of a pregnant woman, the chemical reactions going on effect the unborn child and its future in unaware ways. To the battered pregnant women, be the change needed. We are their forerunners. I want to help these children when they are young, when their little lights get dimmed usually around 6 years old, rather than 20 years later when their life is a real mess. To be able to help the parents involved in these cycles of abuse to bring awareness in how they can break these cycles themselves. I won’t get into the changes needed in the judicial system, but putting someone in jail isn’t breaking cycles, unless the awareness is offered inside as part of their punishment from the judge.

I know that breaking a cycle of alcoholism wasn’t getting a DUI or two, it was awareness, the way alcohol travels through my body, the damage to the many, many organs involved, including blood and brain, most rehabs don’t teach you Biology and Chemistry in their programs. Seriously, I might as well have gone and drank some pine cleaner they both make you sick, throw-up and can be deadly. I want to start breaking the cycles now, so I’m asking the community for help to, help guide me, to help point me in the right direction, to gain knowledge to make this a reality. I know the eyes meant to see this will see. Please contact me with anything helpful.

Thank you,


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