Jay Lenkersdorfer

Writing about politics is akin to wandering through a den of rattlesnakes. One misstep and things get complicated fast.

Not surprisingly, our extended family is made up of many staunchly conservative men and women who think the Democrat party is made up of thugs, antichrists and otherwise bad actors who want nothing more than to destroy the world as we know it.

With this in mind, attending any family event is always preempted by a warning from my wife. “Don’t bring up politics,” she will say, but in the real world it is almost impossible to spend a weekend at my in-laws without politics being brought up. Following my wife’s advice, I usually nod my head to whatever is being discussed which implies agreement to the speaker without engaging in serious debate.

One of the topics of late has been the possibility of President Trump refusing to leave office on January 20, 2021 because there were issues with the mail in ballots. In my opinion there is absolutely zero possibility that the transition will happen without some conflicts.  I think that it is in Donald Trump’s nature to be a contrarian on many issues and the mail in ballots that he is against are a perfect issue for him to challenge well after the votes are finalized in November.

The news media have perfected their attacks on Mr. Trump, and they are using the issue of a smooth transition from the Trump administration to a Biden run presidency as a way to create a crisis where none exists. “Will you commit to a smooth transition of government on January 20th” they ask in nearly every press conference he holds, knowing the very thought of a president refusing to vacate the presidential residence would bring up a constitutional crisis unmatched in the history of our republic.

Could it really happen? I can’t imagine a sitting president being unwilling to vacate the presidential residence in time for the new administration to move in. Mr. Trump clearly believes he can win this election in the same way he pulled it off the first time, and thus making this a non-issue, but what if he won’t do so.

Mitch McConnel has said publicly that if there is a change in the presidency it will happen on inauguration day, but for whatever reason President Trump is unwilling to say the same. How can a grown man smart enough to win the presidency, thumb his nose at the constitution?

No one wants the same mess that happened when the votes in Florida were counted and then recounted because of “hanging chads” that created a different count each time they were processed. The ultimate winner was George Bush, but the entire event created doubt that the man who won the presidency was in fact the undisputed winner.

We are living in an age where the person with the most popular votes does not necessarily win the election. The electoral college is what determines the actual winner, but I don’t have space here to write about that – maybe next time.

The citizens of the United States deserve a smooth transition of power from one administration to the next. It does nothing for the credibility of the nation in the world court of public opinion for a sitting president to say anything other than he will commit to a smooth transition of power. Regardless of who is living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, on January 20th, if Biden wins he will indeed be sworn in as President of the United States of America.

Maybe the best outcome is for Trump to win in 2020 except that he has also made statements that he feels the presidency should be eligible for more than two terms of service. That is just one more debate that need not be considered or even spoken about, but President Trump sometimes just can’t help himself.

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