After the leave of a certain employee what is going to happen at the REA? Do we hire another person who doesn’t care about the REA? The best thing would be having the first one that got fired rehired. But we all know she is way too good for what the REA has become. She was one who honestly cared about US the OWNERS. What about the ones that are still there? Can’t they step up and do what’s needed to make us good again? I’m sure the ones that have been there forever could move up instead of getting these out of towners that care nothing about our CO-OP. Don’t the ones there know what to do? Isn’t there a couple of part timers able to move up to full timers? I’m not saying hiring out of the company is all bad. There are still some there that you question are they really there for our CO-OP pad their savings? Let’s take a stand and make our CO-OP something to be PROUD of.

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