On a recent tour of the area cemeteries for a genealogy project, I found myself appalled and embarrassed at the status of several of our cemetery listings in our area. With the exception of Paul and the Minidoka Cemetery listings, they are horribly out of date and in poor condition.  My parents died in 2001 and were buried in Heyburn’s Riverside Cemetery.  As of 8/5/2019 their names are still not listed nor any burials since 2001.  The papers are waterlogged and falling down in spite of the glass fronted box they are in.  The Burley cemeteries have no listing, so family members or visitors have no way of finding a site unless they are in the know of the grave placement.  While not on par with concerns about the US/China trade war or other major issues, I think that it speaks of carelessness on the part of those designated to care for the cemeteries.  People visit our communities, frequently stopping to see and document the grave sites of loved ones who have passed.  I get requests from websites on a daily basis to hunt down and photograph sites.  This has become an awful task given the lack of documentation other than a record book in a locked office unavailable unless the cemetery sexton is available. I have discussed this with area funeral directors as well.  Please help us find a way to make a difference here.  There are people at the Family History Center that would transcribe and list burial sites for the cemeteries. The upkeep would be minimal.  Call the center at 208-878-7286 and talk with David Badger or Rick Hall.  Give us an opportunity to serve our community. 

Kathy Banner

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