On 9/6/2022 Ammon Bundy was to speak at the Burley Inn Convention Center. He was not allowed to do so. Luckily, The Wilson Theatre is not so narrow minded and woke. A huge shout out to them for not stomping on Ammons first amendment rights and letting us MAGA people listen to his plan for actually leading our great state of Idaho back to where it needs to be. Too bad there are people in this area who think that they speak for us when they try to censure a persons right to free speech. I think that the Burley In should apologize to Ammon Bundy and the people who live here and want business as usual with the good ol boys to stop. Wake up to the fact that Governor Little, Bedke and all the good old boys don't give a darn about their constituents. Follow the money and you will see who our elected officials really work for and its not the people of Idaho.

I will gladly sign my name:

Loni Statham

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