I find it interesting that our general manager at the REA CO-OP would call the weekly mailer editor and owner to “talk” about the recent articles in the sound-off. I am confused as to why he pretends to not understand why nobody is crazy enough to sign there name to a letter about the REA. He can’t really be that naïve can he.

As I have watched out my windows over the years and been part in my neighbors lives and learned of their hardships I have seen to many incidents to count as to what happens to those who aren’t in the “group”, or have an opinion that goes against those opinions of the REA hierarchy. I have witnessed neighbors and friends wait for work for long periods of time will other friends of the CO-OP get bumped to the front of the line while those who are waiting are told the work is extra heavy but they are still on the list. I watched members being snubbed at functions and the schools and at the stores because said people were deemed “not going along with the program”.

I wished I knew the context of that phone call that Mr. Black made to Mr. Lenkersdorfer. I wonder if it was anything like what I saw at an REA community meeting last year when the then interim manager at the time didn’t like the response of a patron in the meeting and afterward cornered him at the exit doors. If you guessed that the now acting manager was the one you would be right. Now, Mr. Black and Raft River Electric board members, do you see why we can’t sign our names. WE live next and with you but some of us are fed up with being lied to and talked down to and having our dear friends and neighbors being fired on a whim with no explanations.

I mush give an enormous amount of respect to Jeff Gregerson who has decided to enter and run for a board of director seat at this year’s annual election of members in March. Congratulations Jeff, you show more heart and fortitude by trying to make a change in this manner. I think it’s time that we get some new faces on the board anyway. They don’t allow us to speak and be heard. Maybe a couple of new board members after this election will be able to reign in the management.

Oh, in answer to an article a couple of weeks ago, I understand that “United Electric was smarter than us”.

I’m voting for new and courageous candidates this year. People who can’t be bought or bribed. People who will stand up for right even when others stay sitting. For these reasons my check mark will be for Sandy Egan from Owyhee and Jeff Gregerson from Elba.


Timothy Turnstone

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You saw that "cornering" last year, right? Because I witnessed the incident myself and laughed when it was made into something it wasn't. There are two sides to every story, and you choose to bully for the "truth" that isn't out there.

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