The other day I was looking at what the Senate and House get paid and was appalled to see that they get paid $93,090,000.00 per year in salary, not counting all the pay offs.

  Each Senator and Representative is paid $174,000 base salary per year.  There are 2 Senators per state that equals $17,400,000.00 for the Senate per year.

  Representatives are done by state populations, so we have 435 Representatives, each receiving $174,000 base salary per year.  That equals $75,690,000.00 base salary.  Then each Senator and Representative receives funds for their staff, some states receive as much as $12 million per year and some as little as $5 million per year.

  Speaker of the House gets $193,900.00 a year.

  Sometimes I have to wonder what gets done for the dollars spent.

   The President’s salary is $400,000.00.  Trump gives his to Charity, Congress spends theirs trying to defeat him.

  Trump has brought back many millions of dollars that were needlessly spent by the ones who are trying to defeat him and us.

  It seems the country has gone crazy, and will soon pay the price if no change is made.

  I’m just an insignificant person watching the show, but will surely be in the aftermath, and I pray to God every day that He will help the people of this nation to wake up and elect people who love God and His principles that made this country great.

Norman Dayley

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