Education is the key to the opening of doors in a person’s future.  Teaching is a rare privilege to help students unlock those doors. So, it is with some regret that I am retiring from teaching for CSI after 27 years.  That is 54 consecutive semesters for those keeping score at home.  1993 seems like eons ago now.  Back then I taught classes at the old Burley High School building (CSI building today) and in the current PMT building.  Yes, PMT used to be the CSI building! 

I began by teaching math classes. To be honest, teaching math is stressful, both for students and instructors. We have to cover so much so fast and we realize that math is a struggle for many students.  I enjoy seeing students succeed, not struggle.  Yet watching students succeed in math was very satisfying and a reason to celebrate. In 2003 I changed to teaching geology.  Geology allowed me to help open students eyes to the incredible world around us. When you live in Idaho, you live in an incredible geologic world.   Get out and explore it!

I feel honored to have a long association with CSI, both as a student (1987-1988) and as an instructor.  CSI is a real hidden gem for the Magic Valley in general and the Mini-Cassia area in particular. Our Mini-Cassia Center works tirelessly to offer students the best selection of classes possible, both academic classes and community education or enrichment classes.  If you have seen CSI grow over the years you can appreciate the effort that has been made to benefit the people of our area. I would encourage you to take advantage of this great resource in the Mini-Cassia area. Thanks to all of you that have been on this great ride with me.  Learning is a life-long process. Find your passion, embrace it, and never stop learning. 

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