My wife said that our rates would go up when she heard that Burley was raising its rates.  She was right.  It would be interesting to compare Burley’s rates with Rupert’s.  

Electric in Rupert:  The flat fee increased from $15 to $17/mo.  The per kwh rate is now $.06741, up from $.06482.

Garbage in Rupert: The flat fee increased from $19.85 to $20.84.

Water in Rupert: The flat fee increased from $23.97 to $24.75/mo, including the first 3,000 gallons of consumption.  Consumption after 3,000 gal increased from $1.17 to $1.20 per 1,000 gal.

Wastewater in Rupert no change  

If you want information on commercial rate changes you have to contact the city of Rupert.  

All these increases are not very large individually, but they add up to a substantial increase in utility fees.  

Also, I agree that city managers often are given, as you said, a cart blanche for their requests.  They are shielded from the voters.  Many years ago Pocatello had a city administrator.  Finally, the people of Poky realized that it was difficult to have a say in the direction the city was going because of the large impact that the city manager had on the council.  The voters in Pocatello ousted Chuck and voted in a full time acting mayor.  That, in my opinion, needs to happen in Burley and Rupert.  

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