I was raised in Rupert, ID and now live in Vernal, Utah.  I own my own truck and deliver food to places in Portland, Arizona, Texas and Wisconsin.  Upon entering Idaho, from Utah, we are required to stop at the Cottrell Port of Entry.  On Saturday, April 18th, I drove into the Port of Entry to do the usual truck legal business.  As I was getting ready to leave, a woman with a mask on and gloves covering her hands, asked me if I wanted beef or chicken.  She said she was handing out taco salads and wanted to know what I liked.  As she handed me the plastic bag, I noticed she had taken it out of a gray minivan with the name “Morley” on the license plate.  When I looked into the sack, there was a plastic fork, an energy bar, a bottle of water and dressing for my salad.  Wow!  How welcomed was that gift!  As some of you know, it is hard for truckers to buy food along our routes so this surprise of food was wonderful.

  Thank you to “Morley” who brightened my day and gave me a meal, which I devoured.  Thank you for thinking of us who have continued to work during this pandemic.  We had been asked not to go home.  Just “keep on trucking and deliver the much-needed food”, we were told.  Not only was that meal a meaningful surprise, it happened in my hometown area.  That made me really proud!  Thank you so much for your kindness and support of us truckers.

Gary Maxson

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