Dear Christmas Council Supporters,

It is hard to believe that Christmas is 6 weeks behind us. We at the Christmas Council want you to know how much we appreciate all of the love and support that we get from our area. It seems like any time we needed anything we just had to think it and the item arrived.

We had a great year and were able to service about 330 families. We had plenty of toys, thanks to Bro. Speed and the food just kept coming in so we were able to give every family a good sized box of food as well.  

There are so many people to give thanks to; first and foremost the wonderful men and women who devote a good portion of their fall months organizing items into groups to be used as gifts for over 750 children and 550 adults. These moms and dads and grandmas and grandpas truly love the people that they serve in the community. I could not handle this big job without their love and care for all of you. After our distribution, Dolly Freiburger announced that after 30 years of service she was retiring. Dolly, we love you and you will be missed. Thank you for all the hours you have put in helping to fill this need in our community. Enjoy your rest.

Thanks again to Bro. Speed for all of the toys they bring us. We love them and know that they love the children in the area. Their deliveries have been happening for over 20 years and it just gets bigger and better.  Thanks to the schools, and churches for food drives and thanks to each of you for contributing to those food drives.  Thanks to FFA and Key Club members who came to help us fill boxes, load and unload conveyor belts and then unload the thousands of dollars worth toys Bro Speed brought us, all the time smiling and wanting to know what else needs to be done.

I love my job and the people who make us look good every year. They have become my second family. Thank you for making all of what we do possible and before you know it we will back at it and Christmas will come once again.


Linda Short,   

President of the MiniCassia Christmas Council, Inc.

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