I am a parent of a student in the Minidoka County School District. I have a grave concern about a staff member taking her 8 month old baby to work with her during school time. I have family members involved in education, so I am familiar with professionalism in schools. I have never heard of a teacher being allowed to bring a baby to school while contracted to teach class!  I can understand if it happens once because of emergency situations; however, this has happened five times since the semester began January 4. It happened several times during first semester as well. I do not believe a teacher can effectively do her job if her own baby is in the building. Many times when the baby is present in the building, the librarian is baby-sitting as well. Her job is not to babysit an infant, either.  It is my understanding the teacher is home with her baby in the morning to teach the online program. She is only at school during the afternoon classes. If a sitter is not available, take your child to daycare or stay home yourself.  If a mother wants to spend more time at home with her baby, I completely understand. Then make the decision to stay home permanently and do not take your young baby to the school when you are paid to be teaching students, especially during a pandemic!  

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Someone must know someone. Incredible. You should go to the school board. Writing on here won’t do any good.

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