Once again, not even government officials are taking COVID seriously, The South Central Public Health District has "deemed Cassia County high-risk for COVID".

It's OK let's have the Cassia County Fair anyway, we will just have 50K people sign a waiver, if you get sick and die it's not our fault.  GOOD GRIEF!

I don't like to use words stupid, idiot, and the like, but if it fits........  Are you people totally insane?? Your where just told our county is a hotbed for the virus!!

What is going on with our United States government, they can't decided whether to keep the economy going? They need to fund unemployment, stop evictions, helping small business owners, etc. If it where their families that need unemployment or help to keep their businesses to stay open, you bet they would make a speedy decision, but why should they, they still get paid and live in very nice homes.

Just do the funding the USA is so far in debt what's another 2 trillion bucks going to do, just print more money.  The USA has borrowed so much money from foreign countries that they could actually call in the note to get paid back or they can basically take our country, is that even possible if we don't pay them back?  How come foreign countries have more money than the USA that they can afford to lend it out, what are we doing wrong.

Thank you

Debra Hicks


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