There were 318 candidates for the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize. “To simply be nominated is not an endorsement or extended honor or to imply affiliation with the Nobel Peace Prize or its related institutions,” the Nobel Committee stated. That Barak Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize is notable.

Donald Trump's economy barometer is the Stock Market. The stock market has shown gains in the last four years, but that is not the entire story, is it? Anyone that has attended business school knows that "the economy" is complex, and to judge it simply on one metric is inadequate and ignorant.

Donald Trump has allowed North Korea to continue to develop bigger better ballistic missiles that can impact the Continental United States. If that is what you call "peace," then ok.

ISIS is an idea and a "cause" as much as it is an organization. Many of the actions by Donald Trump have been recruitment boons for ISIS. Donald Trump promised to bring the Troops home. That has not happened. There are more US services in Afghanistan today than at the beginning of the Trump Administration. ISIS is still alive and well, and just this week ISIS claimed responsibility for multiple attacks in Europe.

The Internal Revenue Service reports that 31% of every tax dollar goes to the military. The United States spends more than the next ten other highest spending nations combined. Let that sink in. They always have been well funded under every President.

The majority of MS-13 members have been deported beginning in 1990. Some were arrested and deported by the Trump Administration, but MS-13 is still alive and well in Central America, and it is the main reason people are seeking asylum at the Southern Border.

The Trump Administration has completed less than five additional miles of the border wall. All of the other construction has been to replace or repair the existing 400 miles on the 1,954-mile border. That is 20% complete.

The main thing Trump did about NAFTA was to rename it. Under the new agreement, tens of thousands of jobs have moved outside of the United States, and entire manufacturing plants have relocated outside the US. The only people to benefit from either agreement have been the owners of those businesses.

Like "Day" and "Nite", there are multiple ways of looking at situations.

Respectfully submitted,

Nite Ranger

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