To The Blissfully Unaware and the City of Burley,

I was walking on the walking path that follows the river next to the golf course a couple of weeks ago.  It is a nice walk and I have appreciated that we have the benefit of a safe and pleasant place to walk.  The city has done such a nice job of paving and marking the distance that we walk. Oh wait did I say safe?  Oops not safe but the rest is nice. The illusion of safety is very miss leading.  After all there is a high fence and fencing that covers the path.  There are no signs telling you that you walk at your own risk.   There is every indication that it is a safe place.   Did you know that if you are struck by a ball that the golf course is not responsible at all?  Most other sports at least give a penalty if the ball leaves the confines of the playing field.  At the golf course the golfers are at liberty to hit their ball where ever it goes.  Oh but wait...  if you know who hit you or your car you can go after them to pay for the damages.  Their home owners insurance is supposed to pay for damages.  Well heck I wish I would have known that!!  What if they don’t have a home to insure?  (Hmmmm I forgot to ask that.)  So you go to the club house to ask who the person is on the green and guess what?  They will tell you that you are within your rights to pursue recourse with the person who hit you or your car but they have no idea who is on the green at any moment in time.  Yes REALLY!  They don’t know who is coming or going at the golf coarse.  So if who ever strikes you will come and apologies you can work it out with them.  Otherwise you better hope you get hit by someone you know.  Is this random?  I would guess getting hit is but when I started hunting for the ball that hit me I found three so it is a popular spot for the balls to go over the fence.  (Hole 2 I think) So BE WARE walking on the path by the golf course.  This is the only warning you will see.  To the person who struck me with a golf ball, You are Dxxx lucky you didn’t hit my elderly mother who was with me. I do have your picture.  Oh and thank you city of Burley for providing the illusion of safety it did make me feel good up until then.  


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