This morning, Friday November 22nd, my husband was waiting for the light to change at the intersection next to the Heyburn Riverside Cemetery, when he observed an adult female going from grave to grave, picking up what appeared to be freshly placed flowers.  After he told me this, I proceeded to chew HIM out!  Why did I do that?

Because if ALL of us are to prevent this continuous theft of cemetery flowers, he should have: 1) pulled over and called 911 on his cell phone to report the theft in progress  2) Stayed there observing the theft and wait until  3) a patrol car enters the cemetery, then follow the patrol car.  If the woman has left the cemetery in a vehicle before the police come, then try to furnish a description of the person, car and plate number if possible to report, but do not confront anyone as that is the job of the police. 

People, this is now happening brazenly on a continuous basis in broad daylight, and the rest of us aren’t paying attention or ignoring it or just don’t care because it’s not THEIR flowers.  Flower theft is still theft and someone is losing a heart-broken investment for something that investment wasn’t intended for.  If everyone in or around a cemetery started watching and following the steps outlined above, the ongoing flower-theft ring would be broken up, and some other town’s florists wouldn’t be getting fresh cheap flowers, same day delivery.

And if EVERYONE started paying attention as to what goes on around them within eyesight, a lot of regular theft would be caught also.  Please pay attention and quit yakking on the cell phone with one hand to your ear while driving, which is illegal anyway.

Anguished letters to the editor about their loved one’s flower theft will do no good as these thieving people do not read newspapers.

Individuals can make a difference for the better in our communities.  Now put down the newspaper and go do something about it!  


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