First of all, I would like to applaud a school board member who spoke out on an issue that took place over a month ago, where he was left out of a meeting, that should not have taken place in the first place. I truly hope that he now understands the feelings of many who have been left out on a number of things in the community. I know for a fact of people who have been bypassed for interviews in spite of the fact that these folks have had excellent evaluations on their job performances in the past. And, sadly it hasd been shared with many that these schools are not to interview nor consider these folks for anything due to whatever reasons that they have. this is wrong and should be looked into.

This now leads me   to another concern which has to do with social media posts of students on teachers/employees personal pages, even though they will make a statement that they have permissions to do so. I contacted the Department of Education in our state and guess what? this should not be taking place, in fact it considered a violation of the code of conduct. Yes, they did state that it is ok for the school or district to make suce posts on their schools/districts website/web pages but not a personal page. Which has brought me to another concern that i have had. I have noticed on one school's page, that they are always showing what takes place in the schools gym throughout the day and as a parent and grandparent, this concerns me as to why?

I wish that each school would follow protocol and use their assigned school website/web page. I know of very few who actually do. 

We live in a great area, but with all of the recent political whatevers that have somehow been divided, including some of the most false political one-sided posts being made, We need to be working together. In other words, end the hate and bring peace in our area again. 

Have a wonderful day, week, and be blessed. 

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