I responded to a recent Sound Off that was rather negative in regards to the KFAC renting out it’s spaces to a church.  They are erroneous on many counts, but here was my response on facebook.

“The weekly mailer has an article in the “Sound Off” about a facility that I manage for the Cassia Joint School District. The King Fine Arts Center is a community/school hybrid facility. My personal opinions about the “Sound Off” aside, here is my reply. Please feel free to share. No laws are being broken, it is just a space on Sunday that is being rented.

For those that would like an answer, here you go.

There was a question asked in the Sound Off this week about Water’s Edge Fellowship using the Little Theatre as a place to gather their church. Any entity that would like to rent the facility may do so, given certain parameters. They have met those parameters. The space is being rented, so there is no foul regarding the tax issues expressed. The King Fine Arts Center is a multi-use community and school facility, with many entities use the KFAC during weekends. Water’s Edge pays rent, just like any other group. There are stake conferences that use the facility regularly, and there are ecumenical services held every year about Easter. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints uses it regularly during the year, the Apostolic Church has weekend rallies there, as did the Jehovah’s Witness congregation. We also have concerts and musicals and McCain’s trainings. We just hosted VoicePlay and Forgotten Carols is coming soon. 

The high school and school district always have first priority to any part of the King Fine Arts Center. This agency just happens to rent the Little Theatre weekly on Sunday. Water’s Edge has agreed to give sway as much as is possible to any larger one time events.  

If you would like to rent the King Fine Arts Center for an event or performance, please contact Burley High School at 208-878-6606 and we would love to help you with your event..”

Please, if you would ever have a question about the King Fine Arts Center, let’s just have a civil conversation in the future, I’d even buy the soda, or coffee, or water.  This kind of anonymous behavior is beneath you as you come across in your writing as a very intelligent person. If you haven’t been in the center for a few years, come see us for a tour, or call and schedule one.  No really, if you haven’t been here recently, we have made some amazing upgrades.  We are also looking for benefactors to help with some bigger ticket upgrades.  An entire lighting system needs funded...that would be amazingly helpful.

Dusty Fisher

KFAC Director


Douglas “Dusty Fisher”

Director of Choirs, Burley High School

Director of King Fine Arts Center, Burley High School

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