Im not really sure how many people are on probation in the mini-Cassia area (although I hear it is too many).     But here’s a thought or possible solution to the growing number of probationers in the area – legalize marijuana.    Idaho is way past due addressing this.    I guarantee it will help the crime rate.      The high number of probationers pay a lot in drug testing and cost of supervision.    Why not take some of the money that the probation officers take in and help our growing population by building a new centrally located fairgrounds for the fine folks of the Mini-Cassia area.   I attended both fairs this year and finally realized how bad the parking is for both fairs.     The Minidoka fair is set up better, being a bit on the outskirts of town; but the Cassia fair parking is a pain in the rear end.   Luckily we can use the Walgreens and Smiths parking lots (not sure how they feel about it though).  It’s elbow to elbow at both fairs.   It seems like every time you move you’re saying or being told “sorry” or “excuse me”.   Maybe it’s time to make a Mini-Cassia fair.     Bottom line, my Mini-Cassia friends, It’s time to expand.   Lets expand together and not just make a new Cassia or Minidoka fair but a bigger better new combined fair.   It’s an opportunity to get some big music groups in here, similar to the Eastern Idaho State Fair.   Let’s get the conversation  started county commissioners and make a fair that people will be envious of.   The Mini-Cassia area is full of people who truly care about each other and our great area.

A Proud Paul Resident       

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