A little over a week ago,  a post by a Minidoka County School District employee, wrote comments on her Facebook and Twitter accounts regarding person/persons who have written not being real people and using aliases. Although she stated cautionary advice about letters sent to The Weekly Mailer, but what she herself  was violate school board policy, which employees need to refrain from posting and commenting things on social media especially in the name of the district. 

First of all,  these people are real, as much as I am. Your posts, although have been deleted by you,  were seen by many and unfortunately have been shared by many,  including screenshot sharing of your post, and other comments,  and has circulated around our community. 

Remember,  you are an employee of the district and never shoud have made any type of post that is negative about anyone in the name of the district.


John Fazal (a real person)

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