Dear Sound Off,

I am writing this in response to Ken Swearingen.

Democratic socialism or Autocratic socialism I don’t see much difference between the two. Doesn’t the Constitution and the Bill of Rights promise life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The main point here being the “pursuit of”. That tells me that happiness is something, I as an individual must work for. Happiness is earned not given as some would try to convince us.

Maybe you believe the Minimum wage ought to be $15 per hour or maybe more. What you fail to understand is that the minimum wage jobs are an entry level, get your foot in the door, learn to show up for work on time training – so you can move onto higher paying jobs.

I spent time working as a salesclerk at a local clothing store. Then moved on to a job at one of the factories in the area, which I will tell you pays a lot more than minimum wage. If you show up on time and are willing to do what is necessary to go to higher skill level jobs; machinist, welder, pipe fitter and process operations, mechanics are trades that require training and stick to it kind type learning. While not as easy its worth it and pays a lot more than minimum wage. Its something that you earn and no one is just going to give it to you. Maybe you believe that all we can do is minimum wage, entry level jobs. Maybe, maybe not. Can you show up to work on time? Can you do a quality job on a consistent basis? Are you willing to stick to it without burning your bridges? Higher paying jobs are here and elsewhere, skilled, reliable employees are a scarce commodity now days, so the job market is wide open in my point of view. Do you want a higher paying job? Go get it.

PS I don’t drive a $32,000 car because my job has given me the skills to be able to build and maintain what I want for much less than that, call me cheap.

Deplorable Mark, Also a registered Republican

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Honestly, what on Earth does being a Republican or a Democrat have to do with your having worked? I have worked from a job that paid me while in high school that paid me $1.90 an hour because I was under 18. That was in 1974. While attending college, I worked for $2.50 up to $3 an hour. I have children who are trying to make ends meet, ages 22 to 26 (the eldest is serving in the Air Force). One is married with two young children. He has a high school diploma, and works hard to make ends meet. I get sick and tired of people putting down political parties, and more so when we are in a crisis in our nation. Why not put your party lines aside and complain about other things. I am tired of people who continue to do this over and over again.

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