Responding to: a concerned citizen from Feb. 25th,

     What you are talking about is «Democratic Socialism» which defined means simply that all humans have the right to live in dignity...period. It has nothing to do with the «autocratic socialism» seen for example in communist countries.

     It may serve you in some circles you influence to spread «fear» as a commodity in defining the narrative, but it doesn›t give any credence to your claim or do you any credit either. You talk about the lofty «principles of liberty and the founding of our free enterprise» and I›m not certain if you realize your fears are directed at the wrong group of folks. Fear is an interesting thing. It is about as strong a motivator as there is in conditioning human behavior. So let’s talk about the “free enterprise” system for a moment. In 1974 when I purchased my first new automobile the federal minimum wage was $2.00 per hour. That new GM medium-sized automobile cost me brand-new $3,000. Today the federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour which is a 3.6 “times” increase in value. Cool...that’s a good thing...right? Well, as it turns out...not so much. Today that same GM mid-sized automobile costs $28,895 which is 9.63 “times” as much as it cost in 1974. I know math is boring but the zinger is this: according to your “free enterprise” system wages should have kept up with the costs of goods but guess what: you guessed it ... it hasn’t. By your model, that you say is “free-enterprise” based ... the federal minimum wage should be 9.63 times what it was in 1974 or $19.26 per hour now.

    What the folks you call «socialist» are asking for in that circumstance is an honest federal minimum wage of $15 per hour, which is less than it should be. There is absolutely no way anyone can afford to purchase a $28,000 automobile today while getting paid minimum wage. None.

   So, please stop trying to scare folks. The federal minimum wage should be at least $15 per hour instead of the «starvation wages» you would have us believe is ok.

     In reality, as you say, Venezuela is governed by a Dictatorship. Full stop. The “autocratic socialism” practiced there is truly horrific, but America is a “constitutional republic” and will remain one as long as our leaders respect it.


   Ken Swearingen,

   A Registered Republican.

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