Over the last couple of months, a number of us have been watching how things are taking place with regards to organizations, groups, schools and local facilities (hospitals for example), who receive funds from both the state and federal government. As we tried to deal and move forward from the recent situations we had to endure due to the recent crisis we dealt with and yes will more than likely deal with for a very long time.  In the future we need to take a serious look at how the infrastructure needs to be adjusted. Especially from the top and the way we the public are being dealt with plus how we need to stop the games that are played towards people who are not cared for or given the opportunity to succeed. This includes the hiring practices that have gone on with many, and the fact that some people have been labeled wrongly, including their families. Some are not even considered for anything due to how others will have created falsehoods on them, and this includes being seen by our local physicians in one part of the area of the two counties. Then there are those who can on social media put down others and not a word is said to them, this does include our school employees or those employees of local agencies who received such funds from our government. How about we bring unity back to our communities and stop this ridiculous nit picking within these facilities towards people based on whatever those who are in these places and positions and become examples of positiveness. I applaud one school administrator from our local high school where she was an excellent example of not following the status quo. Instead, she encouraged students and families to be positive and brought a tremendous amount of positive changes to our school. Hopefully, our new superintendent will restore what our district once had.. A good climate and will be open to hearing from the community at large. We once had this, two administrations ago. just as we did in the other district, from the previous top district administration (unlike the current one who has allowed negativism to exist and the blackballing of community members, just as what has taken place in both districts, as well as programs such as Community Council and others. We have watched a lot taking place in our nation, but the one thing we are thankful for, although there are few within these organizations, change is a must, change that does end the vicious attacks towards specific families and people and especially on social media. Stop the untrue comments of those people and groups who are good caring people, because those who have been the recipients of these are in truth great people. Let's keep our area the best as it has always been. 

Concerned Citizen

Rupert, ID

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