Dear City Council Members,

This e-mail is in response to the City Council Meeting, July 7, 2020, Action Item # 10 - Covid-19 Precautions that Mayor Ormond will discuss. By way of introduction, i was born and raised in Burley. My family has been in Burley since the early 1900's. My Mother still resides in Burley on Conant Drive. Due to the Covid-19 and the heath and safety issues surrounding this matter, I have spent much time in Burley since March assisting her with quarantine and safety efforts. Thus my interest and concern on the current state of Covid-19 in Burley and Cassia County.  

First, some facts:

Did you know that over the last two weeks, Idaho has had the greatest increase in Covid-19 cases, per capita, than any other state in the United States?  It's #1!

Did you know that Cassia County/Burley has the second highest Covid-19 positive rate, per capita, in the State of Idaho?  Only Blaine County has had more (but they now are doing very well).  Burley has more Covid-19 cases than Boise, Twin Falls, Idaho Falls, Pocatello, and every other city in Idaho.  As of today, there are 285 reported cases.

The rate of Covid-19 is higher, per capita, in Burley than most States, i.e. California, Texas, Florida, Utah, etc.  

In the time I have spent in Burley, there seems to be complete denial of this fact. Safety precautions and protocol are not well practiced, or very reckless. There seems to be an attitude of Covid-19 is a big city problem, or somewhere else, anywhere but Burley, Idaho. Life seems to be going on as normal, when things are definitely not normal.  

I am very concerned about the health and safety of my family and friends in Burley. I trust you are as well. I would suggest that you work closely with the business community, the churches in the community and the County and the other cities in the area.  Collectively, I am sure you could make some good progress.  

Over the next few years, Burley will be judged by it's response to this once in a lifetime health crisis. How you respond, from this point forward, will greatly impact future economic development and the perception of Burley as a good place to live, or not. As community leaders, I admonish you to please take this seriously.

Best Regards,

Brent Hall

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