Replying to Mark Ogawa: I’ve been a registered conservative Republican since before Regan was President. I’ve voted mostly for conservative Republicans through the years because they supported the same values as do I, not because they had a big red R beside their name.

     I spoke about “working across the aisle” in my letter which is media-speak for Congress. Your “understanding” of my statement somehow included the President, when I never mentioned the President until the end of my letter and not in that context. Google says that over 300 bills comprising 5,595 pages are sitting on McConnel’s desk that he will not bring to the floor of the Senate for consideration. About (90%) are bi-partisan and will help everyday hard-working Americans just like you and me. Why in the world would McConnel stop a bill which would reduce the cost of prescription drugs in the United States? Well, campaign finance disclosures report that McConnel’s campaign has benefited from pharmaceutical manufacturers to the tune of millions of dollars. I guess that’s the swamp you described that’s just getting swampier.

     You said that Trump has “outmaneuver(ed) and out strategize(d)” by “negotiating  ... building hotels, casinos and golf courses...” ALL of his casinos went bankrupt. Nobody else built them because it was a terrible business idea then and still is. His golf course in Manhattan was obtained because he was the only bidder. Nobody else wanted to do it. His premier golf course in Florida, Doral ... is a money pit. He is losing hundreds of millions a year there.

     I never said anything about the media, and I never quoted scripture, but my father, a spiritual man, taught me as a teenager that quoting scripture at anything other than a wedding or a funeral should be treated with the highest scrutiny. When you have to resort to scripture to prove your argument its because you don’t have any facts to support you.  He learned that from his father, my grandfather, who happened to be a minister.

     I did say that I believe God hears all our prayers regardless of faith or creed. Trump said he didn’t believe in the sincerity of the prayers from two members of congress. I don’t believe Trump has any God-like powers to determine anyone’s motives. I just think it was the wrong thing to say at ... a “prayer” breakfast.

Nite Ranger

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This letter gives me hope that other republicans feel this way.


Btw, I was going to reread Ogawa’s letter. Where is it?


I would like to know who’s removing my posts?


My posts keep getting removed. I’ll try again. This letter give me hope that other republicans are feeling the same way.

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