I'd like to thank the respondent to my May 12 Soundoff letter for correcting my mistake. I should have enclosed the statement, "Everyone is thinking this..." in quotes because it is a direct quote from President Trump. Most of what you state is in agreement with my 2 letters that were in that same publication of "Soundoff" until the last sentences.

     You state, "...more people died of other viruses that hit us by surprise like, Bird Flu and Swine Flu..." According to the CDC, deaths in the United States from H1N1 (Swine Flu) from April 12, 2009, to April 10, 2010, were 12,469. The CDC website also lists the number of deaths from avian flu in 2008-9 as 38. That gives an average of 104 deaths per month for the "bird flu" types you describe. In contrast, the Novel Coronavirus has killed 100,410 as I write this since the first reported death on February 3. Assuming none else dies that gives 836 deaths per month over a year, and we are nowhere close to the pandemic drawing to a close.

     I'm going to make my own observation that is not stolen from the President of the United States, MSMBC, or any other "News" publication. Your statement, referenced above, is FALSE. Since you base your conclusions on "FALSE" statistics it's meaningless.

     Moreover, people are not conforming to social distancing guidelines and wearing masks because as you state, we "...live in fear", it's because it's a proven method suggested by the CDC for preventing the spread of the disease.

     Here are some reasons to follow the CDC Guidelines:

1) 40% of transmission comes from asymptomatic people,

2) we are in a pandemic. There is no vaccine or cure yet,

3) it is extremely infectious, and it has already mutated into two different strains that we know of (important because more mutations mean more difficulty making a cure),

5) we don't have good testing in place,

6) there is a lot of things we don't currently know about the "Novel Coronavirus". The gaps in knowledge are being filled with punditry and ridiculousness not based on science or epidemiology,

7) "hopes and prayers" coming from some of our leadership is doing nothing to stop the spread. Actions...strong actions in the way of social distancing, good hygiene in the way of washing hands, etc,  and wearing masks has helped.


Nite Ranger

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