Well, here goes. After watching all of the craziness of the way the recent elections are going and have gone in all areas. This should serve as a wake up call to all. 

With the recent recall on one official, and how it passed, maybe it is time to do the same in other areas, such as school board members, and others. 

Our family has been put through a lot by the way many have done things, including how people are treated at schools, as well as how favoritism takes place in hiring practices. Recently a friend of ours applied for a part time job, and well has not been called to interview. Not because they had poor evaluations but more so because they are not a part of the groups that exist. 

But there is also concern with how many non-profit groups/companies/organizations have done this with their own practices, including how they violate the use of funds from the federal government that are a part of their grants. This recent election should serve as a wake up call to all. That the tax payers and citizens of this community have had enough with the hypocrisy that exists in all. Schools need to stop playing games with parents, and this should begin from the elected officials who were elected to represent the needs of the patrons/parents/students and communities that they represent, same for our city and county officials, as well as board members of non-profit groups such as Community Council. Or being denied access to our local medical facilities which do receive. funds from our taxes as well

We have excellent people in our community who want to serve and participate as well as work, but are being ignored or denied. Even, if they do get interviewed are asked about their participation in the union (which is an illegal question to be asked) or get a  all that they either decided to not fill or went with someone better. 

If anything many are learning and have been learning from the elections is that we need to stop the games. 

Regardless of the outcome of the presidential elections, people need end the things being posted on social media (this includes Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and any other social media - which by the way, even if you post to select group, those posts are being circulated to others, including those you are gossiping about).

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