Prophecy is being fulfilled right before our very eyes.  We have seen what has happened when they've opened the schools.  They've had to close them again due to Covid outbreaks.  Why would the schools in the western U.S. be any different than the eastern U.S.?  Because of greed and politics. The powers that be would rather endanger the lives of our children and teachers than keep the schools closed until the pandemic is definitely over.  Thus "the love of the greater number has cooled off" and they no longer care what happens to anyone.

An actual caring and concerned person 

Editors Note:  How is learning face to face “not caring”? Is there a risk to students who are physically in the school – yes, and anyone who registered for school is aware of that.  I would suggest that forcing students to learn over the internet is also a risk to their future.  Kids, especially young kids, do not learn as well online as they do in person.  Food for thought.

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