The Minidoka school board asked twice last year for $22 million from tax payers. The bond failed both times. Projects included safety features in elementary and middle schools, new classrooms for overcrowded schools on the south and west ends of the county, and land with an ag addition for Minico.

A levy election for $2 million passed in November but funds would not immediately available so there would be no progress until July 2020.

Driving past Minico, I noticed work on the property next to Minico where district plans to build the Ag Center. How did the district get funds to proceed on this project? Is this Ag Center more important than classrooms for elementary and middle school children?

Minidoka District claims that student safety is a top priority. Is an Ag Center a higher priority than the safety of younger students?

Evidently the school district had money but wanted more. The “pet” projects of board members are going forward while safety and space needs for our young children are ignored. Facilities for 100 high schoolers top the safety and space needs for 1,500 younger students.

Lack of trust with patrons is a problem in the Minidoka school district. A new superintendent may help develop trust of patrons again. Maybe a little honesty from school board members would also improve the image of the schools.

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100% agree with what the writer shares

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