What has happened to all the songbirds?  We lived in south Burley for several years and noticed the only birds around were many, many crows, and never once could we see or hear a robin, meadowlark, or other birds singing.  Only the rough caws of crows, who had obviously driven all other kinds of birds away.  Now we live where there are dozens of magpies in our trees, those beautiful but devastating black and white birds from Mexico.  Some time ago, laws were passed that it was illegal to kill crows or magpies or any other migrating birds.  The problem now, is that these birds have proliferated and are predators to other birds. I helplessly watched a flock of magpies descend on a nest of half-grown robins, not old enough to leave their nests, chasing and scattering them.  Magpies, and perhaps crows also, will eat other birds' eggs and babies as soon as they hatch.  They are what we used to call "trash birds", destroying and spreading destruction all around them.  Their horrible screeching wakes us up mornings, and will continue most of the day.

Is there nothing that can be done, as it is terrible that our song birds are left unprotected, but are being destroyed by these carnivores, that are protected by some insane law?  Can Fish and Game do anything to stop the destruction of our song birds?

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